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Our Dog's (Riley) primary issues were charging the door when the door bell rang, and fence fighting with the neighbor dogs. After the first lesson, all this stopped. We had some minor corrections to make after that day but these behavior issues were basically solved. All corrections were either sound based, or collar based and very humane and effective. On our second meeting, Riley was a bit afraid of Ryan, but Ryan adapted a more coaching style to put him at ease. Within about 10 minutes he was better, especially when we went outside. We worked on refinement of walking, and recall. It was the best training session we've ever had with Riley. We've been to two different dog trainers and courses in the past. This did provide some great foundations for his training. However, we got amazing, personalized training right in our house with Ryan.. with immediate results. As you would expect, much of the training is pack leader training (for us) and consistency. Ryan did a great job of pointing out small changes that have great impact. We have an even better, happier dog now. Thanks Ryan.

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Pat W. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Astounding results with first lesson. Ryan explained everything completely, and answered all questions. 95 pound Lily was jumping all over every guest and was so wild I had no control. She stopped this immediately. Amazing results.

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Craig W. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

I choose Bark Busters because I wanted solid information in training and behavior for my new family member, Huey. I am so pleased with BB and Ryan. His knowledge and experience has been a true learning experience for our whole family. We have had 3 training sessions, and every time both Huey and I learn something new. Our transformation from Dec to Feb, has been eye opening. Huey has become the pet our household loves, I enjoy the one on one training and have learned many things from Ryan. Thank you for your assistance to the ideal pet!

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Joel & Jessica N. | Falcon

Bark busters rating

Two years ago for Christmas, we decided to rescue a puppy from the Humane Society. Neither of us had ever had a dog, but we thought we'd surprise our three kids. Being new to dog owning, we knew nothing. So - we enrolled in puppy classes. Our dog had made it through two puppy classes and through the Neo Dog 1 and Neo Dog 2 class with this other company that used a treat-based/clicker-based training system. Upon graduating NeoDog 2, our dog was still highly anxious, barked incessantly, couldn't make it down the end of our driveway on a leash and had accidents all over the house. I reached out to our original training company for help and was told that we just needed to be more consistent. Our dog refused to come in the house when we let her out unless she could visibly see us holding hot dogs and other treats, so we spent hours begging, yelling, pleading for her to stop barking and come inside and clicking like a lunatic. We contacted the other dog trainer and told him we would like to re-home our dog. Thank God he didn't write back. We kept our terrible dog and found a review of Bark Busters on a Facebook group. I called and heard the price and said, "No way we're paying that for dog training...we've already paid over $400 and nothing works." Our neighbor stopped by that week and as we chased our dog away from him he shouted over the barking, "Your dog makes Marley (from Marley and Me) seem like an easy dog." Two weeks later, we called BarkBusters back after reading more reviews. We were desperate to fix our dog. When Ryan came in to our house, our dog, as always, barked incessantly. Ryan said, "Look - I have kids and I have dogs. That doesn't bother me, but if you want her stop barking so we can get through this presentation, just let me know." My husband and I laughed and said, "She never stops us...we've been trying for two years." Ryan walked over, used the BarkBusters training system and our dog literally has stopped barking since. Before the first session was finished, we had a brand new dog. (Well - actually - WE just knew what to do now, but if felt like we had a brand new dog.) BarkBusters training works like magic. It is absolutely worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. We would pay it again 3 times over because we have a new dog that we love and hot dogs or clickers required. :) Our dog doesn't bark now. She doesn't jump on the furniture unless we invite her up. She walks next to us on a leash (we can actually take her outside now). We had company over last week...she greeted them politely, left them alone until called over and didn't jump or bark. Since Ryan has been here - our dog hasn't had a single accident in the house. We are absolutely amazed. Ryan is real, he's personable, he's got a great sense of humor. He makes the training concise and to the point. We 100% recommend BarkBusters to anyone looking for help for their dog.

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Jessica & Joel N. | Falcon

Bark busters rating

Ryan "fixed" our dog twenty minutes into the first session. We were at a loss for what to do with our dog - she was barking/jumping/anxious/having accidents. Our neighbor commented that she was worse than Marley from "Marley and Me". We had already paid for two years of training with another company in town, so when we called Bark Busters and got the quote, we were really hesitant to pay even more. We wish we would have known about them before we wasted all the other money. Bark Busters is worth every penny. Ryan is amazing. He is genuine, has a great sense of humor and keeps it real. I joked that he must have done an exorcism on our dog. She doesn't jump, we can take her outside for walks now, she doesn't bark when she's not supposed to, she hasn't had an accident since he's been here. Bark Busters works 100% - no treats or clickers required. Our dog is happy now. We are happy now. We owe it all to Ryan and Bark Busters.

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Katie D. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan was very helpful and gave tips on what to do and what not to do. He knows what he is talking about and what has worked through his career and I would work with him again.

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Adrian H. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan is very knowledgeable about dog training. He came to the home eager to help, eager to listen, and prepared to make changes.


Kristin G. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

We have been so pleased with Ryan and Bark Busters. Our Vizsla puppy has been taking to training so well and is like a brand new dog. Consistency and following the methods Bark Busters teaches is key! It is training for dogs AND OWNERS. If you want a confident and well behaved dog, this is the way to go. Help is available and it works.

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Craig W. | colo spgs

Bark busters rating

Huey Has come a long way in just 2 short lessons. Ryan has given me the tools to make walking a joy, not a struggle. Huey Listens and respects me, the key to the success of all our training now is that we have got me trained, so i can work with Huey to accomplish our goals!

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Jamie F. | Fountain

Bark busters rating

Ryan is awesome! We had two visits with him and our dogs are doing so much better. We learned its up to us to follow thru with the training and boy is it worth it. We love the way they listen to us now and our walks are so much more enjoyable. We bought the game changer from Ryan and both dogs play with it (love to watch them hunt for there food. Ryan explains things very well. Highly recommend.

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Chris A. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan has been amazing. The change in both our dogs after just one visit has been amazing, and continue improving with the techniques Ryan has taught us. Ryan has been great at teaching myself and my wife about how dogs communicate, understand, and react. We had two dogs that couldn't be left alone or taken into public and now are on their way to thriving in both areas!

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Susan M. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

I am beyond pleased with the training! Ryan does an exceptional job, and has excellent communication and training skills. He understands both people and dogs! Almost immediately, the dogs were calmer, more responsive to commands, and finally knew what I was asking them to do. It became evident that I had not been consistent or clear, so the dogs understandably were confused and anxious about what was expected. It truly is amazing how effective the Bark Busters approach is. What I love is that it's a win-win. I'm happier and the dogs are happier!

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Sharon F. | Fountain

Bark busters rating

Ryan did an awesome job on showing us how to talk to our dogs. The moment he walked in he was in total control. Our dogs responded right away. Ryan explained to us how to communicate with our dogs and it WORKS!! We purchased the game changer and the wobble and both dogs love them. We actually purchased another game changer on his second visit for a Christmas present. After Ryan's first visit our dogs no longer bark at the window (Awsome). Our second visit we practiced on walking, it went great with the new collars. The next day I took both dogs for a walk with there new collars and WOW they remembered every thing we learned. It was a relaxing walk for the first time ever. This experience with Ryan was great!

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Lance and Lisa N. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan impressed us during our first lesson in learning to speak dog and act more like Nellie's pack leader. His terminology was straight forward and with easy to understand examples and demonstrations the process of learning the method was great. As the first appointment Ryan was with us about 3 hours - and within that time period he had our dog walking on a lose lead in the neighborhood. In the past she would lunge at other people and dogs and would drag us around the neighborhood. We have since Sunday been able to maintain daily 20-40 minute walks a few times a day with distraction with Nellie being a good girl on leash. Last night we practiced with having our neighbors come to the door and ring the door bell. We were able to get folks in the house with Nellie staying back from the door and then being called over to visit after she settled down. This took some time but she DID IT! We could not be happier. We are working on timing our corrections and praise appropriately to continue to develop Nellie's attention and focus. We have been amazed what a huge improvement she has made in such a short time. It is a joy to have a well mannered dog again!

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Dennis R. R. | Colorado springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan was wonderful. He listens well to our issues and concerns. He gave great examples of how our dog was responding to what we were doing and why that only made things worse. He gave specific things to do and we saw instant change. We worked on the things Ryan gave us between his visits and have continued to see improvements. Our challenge has been changing our behaviors and being consistent for our dog Percy. The better we do, the better Percy does. The collar and leash have made a great difference. Percy walks perfectly beside me and is a joy to walk even around distractions. And the chew toy with treats inside is his absolute favorite. Thank you Ryan.

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Robert J. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Fantastic and very helpful.

Puppy management

Jim C. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

System is awesome and so was Bryan. Day one and we are thrilled with the initial results!

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Steve B. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan was awesome! Flipper could not get along with my girl friend's dog Joey. With Ryan's help we were able to get Flipper and Joey to be best friends. Our dogs could have been a show stopper in our relationship. So, I guess that Ryan was instrumental in us getting married.

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Tony M. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

The training was an excellent learning experience for both my wife and I as well as Sammie. Ryan did a great job of explaining how dogs communicate and what we needed to do to communicate properly with our dog. Before he left there was a very noticeable difference in Sammie's behavior and we were already working on the owner behaviors. Within 24 hours some of the major issues we were having were under control, i.e. nipping/biting, jumping on us, and over excitement with new people. Within 48 hours I had applied the training to our walks and was able to control Sammie with voice and leash most of the time, which was a great improvement. Since then it only gets better every day.

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Nicole R. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

The training was amazing! We saw results immediately. He continues to make progress. The additional training tips really helped. He's going to be the best trained dog in the neighborhood soon. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters. It was well worth the money.

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Tony r. | colorado springs

Bark busters rating

Absolutely amazing! !! Our dogs are 100% better after just 1 class. The information and knowledge we received has made the difference! !! Highly recommend bark busters and Ryan . Can't wait for the next session! !! Thank you Ryan and bark busters

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Anthony r. | colorado springs

Bark busters rating

Absolutely amazing! !! The information and train techniques we learned have made 100% difference in just 24 hours , can't wait for the next session

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Ashley S. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan is absolutely wonderful! After one session with our dogs they were responding to the training and much easier to handle. After 3 sessions we have seen a huge improvement in both our dogs - they are happier in our home and they respond quickly to corrections. Many of their behaviors have been eliminated completely. Would absolutely recommend this training and I have!!!

Aggression Hyperactivity Separation anxiety

Rosemarie S. | Canon City

Bark busters rating

This was a very neat experience today! Lexi was wild when Ryan Brown first showed up, but as the training took shape her behavior noticeably improved. Even I could walk her on her leash in a perfect manner. This is our Airedale number 5 and we look forward to practicing with her all we have learned today.

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Carol B. | Palmer Lake

Bark busters rating

Ryan is the best! He listens! Always professional, always! We saw massive improvement after the first visit. Our dog is so much more fun now. Thanks Ryan!

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Jeannette E. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

My husband and I tried several different training methods with our previous pet. Some were good, some ok, and some were horrible, but all-in-all I never found a method that worked or "clicked" with me. Since I had not been successful in the past I was skeptical about Bark Busters but was open minded. I have to say my husband and I were completely impressed with Ryan and his training methods. He took the time to explain to us what we have been searching for for many years. We only worked a short amount of time with Aspen, but that was all it took! In 48 hours I have been able to stop not only Aspen, but my parents' dogs from rushing and barking at the door when someone arrives, and stop them from jumping on visitors. I have NEVER been able to hold such control of my dog as I am now and this happened within 1 hour after Ryan left. I am simply amazed at not only how simple the methods are but how effective they are. We absolutely LOVE IT! Thank you, Ryan. You were awesome.

Aggression Jumping up Recall

Annelie R. | Woodland Park

Bark busters rating

When WE are consistent Max is consistent and practically a completely new dog. One we can trust and control.

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Crystal R. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan was amazing! He was able to teach us how to be better pack leaders for our dogs without ever being condescending. Within the very first visit our dogs were already staying off the furniture, not rushing the doors and listening to our commands. They stopped showing the signs of anxiety they usually show with new people in the house. He worked very well with our pets and never once made us feel uncomfortable or unhappy with his methods of training. He explained everything to us in a way that made so much sense that it made it easy to want to continue with the training. We never felt overwhelmed!!

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Carol B. | Monument

Bark busters rating

Fury was biting and mouthing as well as misbehaving endlessly. She would not listen at all. We were not fulfilling our roles as alpha's and at a loss as to what to do. We did our homework and Ryan at Bark Busters was recommended time and time again by our Vets office. We were very pleased with his clear explanations and demonstrations. Fury, a strong willed stubborn Shiloh Shepherd, responded very well to Ryan. It was immediate, seriously, immediate. We changed our mind from a two month training package to a year to ensure we all learned and stayed on track. After a couple hours with Ryan, there we were with Fury. Our corrections weren't textbook, but they were good enough because we saw IMMEDIATE improvement. I expect great things from my Furiosa and I have Ryan and Bark Busters to thank.

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Bark busters rating

I have had dogs for 50 years. Imagine my surprise that I had been "training" them wrong for so long. Most of the time my dogs were borderline out of control. I got a new puppy. Breed known for being strong willed. He was. Even after 5 months of daily "training" (after watching hours of video from "experts") my wife and I were sad to almost admit this dog was more than we could handle. Out of desperation I called Bark Busters. After 30 minutes of talking to Jason, I agreed to make an appointment with Ryan Brown, their senior trainer. 3 hours with Ryan turned our lives around. It's amazing how much we thought we knew that was sheer ignorance. Ryan taught us to "speak dog". We are only in our 3rd day after Ryan left - and we don't recognize the pre-Ryan dog. No more agressive barking, no more leash pulling, almost instant obediance and respect from this dog. I think their methods are a miracle. I don't raise my voice anymore. I don't chase him around with my shoe in his mouth any more. The dog too is happier - I can see that from a mile away. Our house is peaceful, and we all enjoy each other. If you are having any issues with your dog - old or young - do what we did. You will NEVER regret it!

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Tammy and Chad B. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Our dog Fisher became aggressive last August. Since then his aggression has escalated to the point where we thought we might have to get rid of him. After one visit from Ryan, my husband and I feel confident that we can handle anything that Fisher throws our way. Since Ryan's visit, Fisher's respect for us has increased and he now feels confident that when visitors come that we have things under control. Thank you Ryan for all your help and support! We are so thankful that your are helping us become the parents ( that Fisher needs to be successful.-Tammy and Chad



Bark busters rating

Ryan, is not only a great trainer but a great person. He has skills of communication to talk to DOGS and PEOPLE. He taught me how to talk dog in a few minutes... and I kept at it and now I TALK DOG. I still make mistakes along the way but our SMOKEY is a changed DOG because us HUMANS learned from Ryan how to train our dog and become the ALPHA of the Pack. Smokey is way less stressed, doesn't go after people anymore, listens, obeys and is fun to be around. THANKS RYAN for being here for my daughter and our Smokey. uRock! Blessings!

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Elaine V. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan was very professional, punctual and knowledgeable. He took a lot of time explaining his techniques, why they work, how we can be better owners and answered all of our questions. Excellent job!!

Aggression Barking

Beth M. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Smokey has had a fear problem since he was a puppy and as he got older he started to act aggressive when fearful. This aggression was towards any animal and person other than myself. I never really believed Smokey could ever be around strangers or even my family without acting aggressive until Ryan. He showed me from the very first lessen how well Smokey could behave.Smokey's behavior has only improved since that first lesson. I no longer have to fear for my family or lock him up when friends come over. I am so thankful for Bark Busters. It is worth every penny.

Aggression Pulling Separation anxiety

Pete and Helga W. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

We got our dog at 3 years old. He had been abused and was aggressive to other dogs, children, strangers and bit us on occasion - enough to draw blood. With Bark Busters training he has changed completely and exhibits none of his old behavior. Also, he would not let us brush him. Now he actually enjoys being brushed.


Lori and Morris J. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

You were awesome! I am so pleased and grateful for what you showed us and the quick response Nyla had! Thank you! Calling Bark Busters was the best thing ever and 110% satisfied!


Jen S. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

We had a very loud barker that was causing major complaints from our neighbor. We immediately saw almost a complete stopping of Ollie's barking after Ryan's first visit. He has learned so much so fast with very few changes to our lifestyle. We've had to learn to be consistent, but Bark Busters works and works fast. A very common sense approach.

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Daniel L. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan was very professional and clear with the directions in making/improving your relationship with our dog. Since his visit our home has significantly calmed down by using the practices he taught us. We cannot thank him enough for helping train our border collie and helping us understand her language. Highly recommend him and this system for any family and their dog.

Hyperactivity Other

Sam C. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan spent more time with me than any other agency I've worked with. The methods not only worked IMMEDIATELY but also made sense. I never thought results could be achieved without treats and he proved me wrong. I'm happy to be wrong because my dogs are now cured! Thank you Bark Busters!

Aggression Barking Jumping up

Valerie B. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Bella stopped 90% of her barking during the first session. Now she is so much more a pleasure to have around and I believe she had anxiety before that I didn't realize existed. We are still training, but thanks to Ryan's encouragement we will have the best dogs in the neighborhood!

Barking Pulling Recall Other

Cristina and Joel J. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

I have a 75 pound Old English Bulldog who was ruling our house. Within the first visit he was already acting like a different dog. By the next day, I was able to walk him on the leash with no pulling! Ryan is a phenomenal teacher!

Aggression Barking Jumping up Pulling Recall

Kim O. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

We're SO pleased! Stormy really is like a different dog and the means to effecting her transformation are so simple!!! She's happy, we're happy and each day is getting even better!

Aggression Barking Pulling Recall Separation anxiety

Kimberly M. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan was very patient. It makes sense to think like a dog and train the way dogs train each other and us. Ryan went above and beyond and I am so grateful!


Evelyn K. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

It is the most incredible change I could have ever imagined. What we thought would be weeks and months of training was accomplished in a few days.

Aggression Barking Pulling Other

Alisa J. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

The training was amazing and the results are even better! He's like a whole new dog!

Aggression Pulling Separation anxiety Other

Sloan G. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan was so great and made the training easy and fun!

Jumping up Pulling Recall Other

Pat and John T. | Cascade

Bark busters rating

Amazing experience and immediate results. Ryan is a true dog whisperer. We and our dog learned volumes!

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Becky C. | colorado springs

Bark busters rating

Thank you! I was amazed at the differences in my dogs by the end of the first training session! It was wonderful! My home is much calmer, my dogs and I are happier!

Aggression Jumping up Other

Lynda T. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

My dog's behavior had improved by that evening! She was brought to the dog park where her aggressive behavior was gone!

Aggression Jumping up Recall Other

Susie S. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan was in command of Laney the minute he came in the door. He was very friendly and reassuring to us, and showed us clearly how to communicate with Laney. We also appreciated the training aids like the kong wobbler and training collar.

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John and Renee S. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan was awesome. He was patient and answered all our questions. This training makes sense and is easy to use.

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Bobby Z. | colorado springs

Bark busters rating

I love it that no physical techniques are used and that I don't need a clicker.

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Tana K. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Champ has responded very quickly. Now it is our job to be consistent.

Aggression Barking Pulling Recall Other

Allison B. | Florissant

Bark busters rating

Over the last 10 years, Ryan has shown me how to deal with two serious issues in two dogs: (1) Displaced aggression and (2) sibling rivalry. And a less dangerous (but no less annoying!) attention-seeking barking in a third dog. If you are hesitating over Bark Busters cost, I can assure you that my experience has been that it's worth EVERY PENNY! You can spend a lot of money, a little bit at a time, endure years of stress and upset and make very little progress...or you can call Ryan! No regrets here. Many thanks.

Barking Sibling rivalry

Victoria and David R. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Absolutely amazing! Dog seems more relaxed. Like a brand new "improved" dog. Neighbors are thankful, we are thankful. Wish we'd called long ago - already recommending to friends!

Barking Other

Kris C. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

I already have spread the word about Ryan and his superior training. Thank you SO much.

Barking Recall Toileting Other

James K. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

We should have done this a long time ago!

Barking Digging Jumping up Pulling Recall

Bettina K. | Falcon

Bark busters rating

Nitschke responded great to the training. It is a pleasure working with our standard poodle. Ryan is an excellent trainer!

Jumping up Puppy management

Steve and Kelly S. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan was very professional and really took the time to help us understand the theories behind the training techniques. Not only did WE see results, but friends and neighbors have commented about the change (no more barking at the fence). The training was immediate and long lasting because it not only gave us techniques to use for the dogs, but it changed the way we think and approach the situation.

Barking Jumping up Pulling Recall Other

Chris and Tim B. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan was a true dog professional. You could see results immediately after a training session. I'm confident with his instruction and follow-through. My dog's a better animal for this training. We get it! She gets it, too! Thanks, Ryan! And Gemmie thanks you, too!

Jumping up Puppy management Recall Other

Nikki and Adam B. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Thank you Woodmoor Vet for recommending Bark Busters! It was exactly what Mac needed!

Barking Chewing Pulling Recall Other

Andrea J. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

I thought I was going to have to get Maxx taken away or give him away after he bit someone. Bark Busters turned the whole situation around and saved our relationship.

Aggression Barking Pulling Other

Cheryl B. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Excellent program - logical!

Aggression Barking Toileting

Katie and JT T. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Awesome stuff! Can't believe how quickly our dog's behavior changed.

Aggression Other

Kathleen S. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Would ABSOLUTELY recommend Bark Busters!

Barking Toileting Other

Tamarin M. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan had a friendly, easy style of training. He was a pleasure to have in my home and certainly a soothing influence.

Barking Pulling

Jennifer D. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Ryan Brown was fantastic! His training techniques were demonstrated clearly and were extremely effective. Strongly recommend him!

Barking Recall Other

Katie C. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

Bennett seemed like a new dog after the first training session. I don't need treats to "bribe" my dog into behaving. I wish I had invested in this training long ago instead of spending hundreds of dollars to "fix" my dog's anxiety and unwanted behaviors. I should have called Bark Busters from the start.

Separation anxiety Other

Katie C. | Security

Bark busters rating

Bennett seemed like a new dog after the first training session. I don't need treats to "bribe" my dog into behaving. I wish I had invested in this training long ago. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to "fix" my dog's anxiety and unwanted behaviors, I should have called Bark Busters from the start.

Aggression Jumping up Pulling Separation anxiety

Natalie S. | Colorado Springs

Bark busters rating

We enjoyed Ryan's first session and found the techniques very helpful. Our dog is already improving because we are now trained. :)

Barking Pulling Other


Bark busters rating

I'm excited about how quickly my dog learned using your system.