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I have a 75 pound Old English Bulldog who was ruling our house. Within the first visit he was already acting like a different dog. By the next day, I was able to walk him on the leash with no pulling! Ryan is a phenomenal teacher!
Cristina and Joel J., Colorado Springs, Colorado 3rd December 2014

We're SO pleased! Stormy really is like a different dog and the means to effecting her transformation are so simple!!! She's happy, we're happy and each day is getting even better!
Kim O., Colorado Springs, Colorado 9th November 2014

Ryan was very patient. It makes sense to think like a dog and train the way dogs train each other and us. Ryan went above and beyond and I am so grateful!
Kimberly M., Colorado Springs, Colorado 15th July 2014

It is the most incredible change I could have ever imagined. What we thought would be weeks and months of training was accomplished in a few days.
Evelyn K., Colorado Springs, Colorado 18th June 2014

The training was amazing and the results are even better! He's like a whole new dog!
Alisa J., Colorado Springs, Colorado 18th June 2014

Ryan was so great and made the training easy and fun!
Sloan G., Colorado Springs, Colorado 17th June 2014

Amazing experience and immediate results. Ryan is a true dog whisperer. We and our dog learned volumes!
Pat and John T., Cascade, Colorado 18th May 2014

Thank you! I was amazed at the differences in my dogs by the end of the first training session! It was wonderful! My home is much calmer, my dogs and I are happier!
Becky C., colorado springs, Colorado 16th May 2014

My dog's behavior had improved by that evening! She was brought to the dog park where her aggressive behavior was gone!
Lynda T., Colorado Springs, Colorado 16th May 2014

Ryan was in command of Laney the minute he came in the door. He was very friendly and reassuring to us, and showed us clearly how to communicate with Laney. We also appreciated the training aids like the kong wobbler and training collar.
Susie S., Colorado Springs, Colorado 16th January 2014

Ryan was awesome. He was patient and answered all our questions. This training makes sense and is easy to use.
John and Renee S., Colorado Springs, Colorado 14th January 2014

I love it that no physical techniques are used and that I don't need a clicker.
Bobby Z., colorado springs, Colorado 11th December 2013

Champ has responded very quickly. Now it is our job to be consistent.
Tana K., Colorado Springs, Colorado 28th October 2013

Over the last 10 years, Ryan has shown me how to deal with two serious issues in two dogs: (1) Displaced aggression and (2) sibling rivalry. And a less dangerous (but no less annoying!) attention-seeking barking in a third dog. If you are hesitating over Bark Busters cost, I can assure you that my experience has been that it's worth EVERY PENNY! You can spend a lot of money, a little bit at a time, endure years of stress and upset and make very little progress...or you can call Ryan! No regrets here. Many thanks.
Allison B., Florissant, Colorado 24th October 2013

Absolutely amazing! Dog seems more relaxed. Like a brand new "improved" dog. Neighbors are thankful, we are thankful. Wish we'd called long ago - already recommending to friends!
Victoria and David R., Colorado Springs, Colorado 19th October 2013

I already have spread the word about Ryan and his superior training. Thank you SO much.
Kris C., Colorado Springs, Colorado 4th October 2013

We should have done this a long time ago!
James K., Colorado Springs, Colorado 23rd September 2013

Nitschke responded great to the training. It is a pleasure working with our standard poodle. Ryan is an excellent trainer!
Bettina K., Falcon, Colorado 21st September 2013

Ryan was very professional and really took the time to help us understand the theories behind the training techniques. Not only did WE see results, but friends and neighbors have commented about the change (no more barking at the fence). The training was immediate and long lasting because it not only gave us techniques to use for the dogs, but it changed the way we think and approach the situation.
Steve and Kelly S., Colorado Springs, Colorado 26th August 2013

Ryan was a true dog professional. You could see results immediately after a training session. I'm confident with his instruction and follow-through. My dog's a better animal for this training. We get it! She gets it, too! Thanks, Ryan! And Gemmie thanks you, too!
Chris and Tim B., Colorado Springs, Colorado 18th August 2013

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